Newsquality, Investing in Amazon is Miraculous?

Investnove really allows you to earn money with Amazon shares? Among the ads on the sites of the most important online newspapers there are quality news, sometimes, but also many quality news. There is a difference, because in this article we refer to the ads placed by “newsdiqualità”, written all attached, which actually has little to do with news. These are advertisements, passed off as news, although then going to the bottom of the page that opens you can read very well that they are ads and that, among other things, they contain unreal stories, which should only serve to help describe the product.

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Yes, because newsdiqualità does not offer news, but offers products. What products? Subscribing to brokers whose name is not given in a clear way from the beginning, but that, on the contrary, you need to go deeper with clicks and probably also with the subscription.

Summary: on Newsdiqualità they say that some people earn €3,700 (or other amounts) per month with Amazon shares, but they are just asking you to register with a broker and possibly make a deposit (generally you will have to pay out €200-250).

Amazon quality news, is it really earning?

With stocks you can earn and you can also lose. You can also lose a lot. From the title of the Newsdiqualità announcement, however, this small detail does not stand out.

What do you think? What do you think when you read it? 

That you could earn an average of €3,700, of course. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as you think, in fact it’s very difficult.

This title in fact takes into account some statistics that do not interest you. Above all, they do not interest those who want to invest little. And, again, it does not specify which period it takes into account.

Here are some of the questions you should ask about this title:

  1. How much do you need to invest to earn from now €3,700 per month?
  2. What performance should the stock on the stock exchange SHARING NOW have to make in order to earn that kind of money?
  3. On how many investors and how much capital has this average been calculated?
  4. What would happen if I invested today but tomorrow the stock started to lose ground for a while?

Two Factors You Should Consider Before Investing In Amazon

In the light of what has been said so far, I would like to make two points and I advise you to take them into account:

  1. There’s no doubt that Amazon stock has risen sharply in recent years.
  2. There is no certainty that the Amazon title will remain constant in its growth, nor that it will continue to grow indefinitely.

Let’s start with the first point. Sure, Amazon actions in the last few years have gone up a lot, coming from about $500 per action (but not a few cents like bitcoin) and now reaching $2,000 (an increase of 300% in ONE YEARS). Anyone who invested $500 in an action now has $2000. Those who invested 10,000€ in Amazon shares now have 40,000€. That’s great, isn’t it? The problem is that today the value of Amazon shares has been fluctuating around €2,000 for a long time now, and it doesn’t have those big initial rises anymore.

Sure, it could go up, but no one can guarantee whether it will reach $3,000 or $4,000, or in how long. I mean, there’s no guaranteed return. In fact, it might even go down to $1,500, for instance.

That kind of ad was also there during the Bitcoin boom. You’ve surely heard the phrase “get rich with Bitcoins!”. Of course, those who bought it when it was worth a few dollars or even cents certainly became rich. But the others? But most of them? I’ll tell you: many entered the market when it was worth 18 thousand euros and found it in a few weeks at 10 thousand euros. Subsequently, it fell even more. It can go up, but it can also go down.

About Bitcoin, maybe you might be interested in articles about other projects like Bitcoin Code, Bitcoin Profit, Bitcoin Revolution and Bitcoin Evolution, which actually promise stellar earnings without doing anything. So, as if working no longer makes sense. They, too, play on ease and the fact that everyone, but all of them, can start earning with actions right away.

For Amazon shares, it should be pointed out that it is different because it is a stock market, regulated, standardized, with all the crises that Bitcoin does not have. In addition, it does not depend on statements such as “we ban the bitcoin” that make its price fall immediately. In short, Amazon is in the stock market, in the “real” market, and therefore to have certain downward swings should happen something really, really serious. EVERYTHING, as well as all the other stocks, Amazon registers some rises but also some falls!

For example, if an investor invests in Amazon stock when it’s at $1,800, is he ready to face days, weeks or months when it might reach 1,500?

This factor is important because if you read that stock thinking you can earn $3,700 a month or any other amount EVERY MONTH, as if it were an annuity, maybe you will have serious problems with planned payments. For example, if you think you can pay €3,000 in a few months because “you will have earned it with Amazon” you are making a big mistake.

Online Trading is Serious

We know that trading is no small thing. For this reason, on our website you will find numerous guides, courses and video tutorials. We try to offer you everything you need to learn how to trade, i.e. to “put you on the platform” as if you were driving a car. You, and only you, will decide where to go, how fast to go, which paths to follow. All this, with the security of trading with legal and regulated brokers, which also allow you to trade only with free demos, if you prefer.

With the brokers we recommend, once registered you can also simply continue to practice with the demo, without depositing. If you study, learn and feel ready, start trading, otherwise you can leave it alone and get back to the things you were doing before.

For example, 24option allows you to practice with a free demo, no deposit, with over $100,000 virtual budget. Anyway, I suggest you use it as if you had the budget you would use for the real account. This way, you can better realize the potential results.

The difference is that you will decide when and if you start, but if you do it the right way: that is, with all the information and instructions you need.

We offer you cars to drive, platforms, and we offer you all the indications not to skid at the first corner. In fact, those who operate from scratch, it is very difficult that you start to “earn 3700 euros per month”. On the contrary, generally, he skids at the first corner. And after the accident everyone can react in their own way: investing more money, getting depressed, getting angry (with themselves and others including family and friends), etc.

For this reason, displaying those glittering messages in the window can also be very dangerous, as well as ethically incorrect.

It never ceases to surprise, however, as in national newspapers that have placed Taboola ads and other similar operators in order to monetize a bit, do not ask questions. For example, about having the titles of these ads changed at least so as not to create easy illusions.

I was about to search for the mother who had separated and redeemed herself with Amazon stock. I had seen the photos and she looked very pretty too. Unfortunately, my platonic love was interrupted when I read (on the same site of Newsdiqualità and Forexclusiv which then practically say the same things) that this lady was just a model. Go see that maybe she is also already married. I mean, she’s not the one who earned the millions either. All right, money isn’t everything in life, but that ring on my finger made my arms fall off.

In short, to the illusion of earning an average of 3,700 € per month has also been added this. Mommy millionaire, where are you? Ah, right, on the website it says that the story is practically invented and that it just serves to illustrate the potential of what is on offer. Kind of like buying a car that promises you all the green lights for life.

Earning With Amazon Or Amazon Shares? That’s Different

Today many people earn with Amazon, that is, through the e-commerce platform. Who? The public and private sellers who list their products or products purchased in bulk. Every purchase you make on Amazon is earning someone money. The more you sell, the more you earn. There’s nothing weird about that. It’s a great platform and it’s going great. That’s why, in the long run (LONG GO) the Amazon stock price should (SHOULD) keep going up. Maybe steadily, but not flying without borders.

Example: How to Earn 3.700€ per Month With Amazon.

Here’s what should happen to really earn €3,700 per month with Amazon.

First of all, we should trade with good leverage. In Europe, leverage is set by law at a maximum of 1:5 or 1:10. To trade with higher leverage (such as 1:50, 1:100 etc.) you need to open a professional account (but the one who starts is not and cannot be).

We should invest a good amount of money, since even with a good increase of 5%, to reach 3.700€ of net profit is necessary. Do you have a good amount to spend? Like, a few thousand euros or even more? Ah, yes, in addition to investing a lot you should also hope that the increase remains constant.

The Amazon stock should get constant increases.

For example, I invest €1,000 when the stock is at $2,000. Then it drops to $1,800: I’m not making $3,700 a month. In fact, I’m losing! Help! I lose $200 multiplied by leverage! Why am I not part of the average that earns $3,700 a month? Where am I going wrong?

Actually, if a stock goes down in value, it’s nobody’s fault. It’s the financial market. It’s the stock market: it can go up, it can go down. Period. That’s a cut. That’s the end.

If you are willing to lose part of your capital (or even all of it) in case things go wrong, then the stock investment is for you, otherwise forget it. Sure, you might be okay with it, but you always need to know if you are ready to face the most adverse situations. If you have enough money for this, if you are willing to learn, if you are willing to follow instructions not to leave your money at the mercy of the wind, then you can start investing in Amazon stocks or trading on Amazon with CFDs (which are two different things).

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