Minimum Deposit Plus500

The minimum deposit on Plus500 is only 100 Euros and allows you to trade CFDs in real mode, with real money. This figure is updated in July 2019, remember that Plus500 can change the minimum deposit from time to time. However, it should be noted that the deposit is not required to trade in practice mode, with the free demo account.

The low minimum deposit requirement was one of the many features that Italian and European users have come to appreciate about Plus500, especially considering that it is a top of the range broker with high quality instruments and a platform suitable for all levels of traders. We would also like to remind you that precisely because the minimum deposit is so small, if on the basis of one’s own finances it is estimated that this figure does not have a significant impact, there are considerable advantages to trading with a real money account, after a short demo account exercise.

Remaining too long on the demo account in fact, do not train the psychological part that distinguishes the trader’s trade. You get used to being completely detached (“so much is fake money”), but this is obviously not true when you open a real account.

This is the reason why many traders often earn money in the demo account (they also forget to put the “stop loss” for example, because it’s fake money), and then they fail to replicate the same performance and lose all the money immediately with the real account.

Do you want to learn from scratch? See our complete guide to Plus500.

How to Make the Plus500 Minimum Deposit

Plus500 allows you to make deposits with different payment methods including Paypal, credit and debit cards including Postepay, Bank Transfers.

To deposit with Paypal on Plus500 you must enter your email address associated with your Paypal account. Once this is done, you will be redirected securely to the Paypal site with which you can make the deposit. The entire process takes only a few seconds.

One method of making a minimum deposit to Plus500 that is widely used in Italy is Postepay, the popular debit card provided by Poste Italiane and part of the VISA circuit. To make a deposit with Postepay on Plus500, simply enter the card number (16 digits), the name and surname associated with it and then complete the operation with the three security digits located on the back of the card.

The same procedure seen for Postepay applies to all other credit cards, including MasterCard.

Finally, if you do not have a card or Paypal, you can also make a deposit by bank transfer to Plus500. This process, however, takes a few days to process.

We discuss this in more detail in the article on how to deposit to Plus500.

What is the Minimum Deposit of Plus500 For

The minimum deposit of Plus500 is required by the broker to start trading with real money and minimum liquidity. In fact, although you can also trade with much less than 100 euros, it is always good to have some liquidity in order not to run into the so-called margin calls.

A margin call or “margin call” is a warning that the broker sends when the equity is too low. Equity is the economic situation of the account that considers open positions, profit and loss. So, in the event that the trades are loss making and the equity is too low, the broker to protect himself (and not to lose more than what you have deposited), warns you by email, text messages and automatic calls, in order to add credit or close the position.

In the event that the margin call is not answered and the losing position continues to be lost, Plus500 will automatically close the position.

Now, apart from the margin call, it is advisable to have the liquidity that can still cover you if the market initially goes in an unfavorable direction. For a 30€ position, for example, 100€ of available credit will be fine. If, on the other hand, you would like to open a position of 90€, 100€ would be tight and you could immediately run into a margin call.

Can the Minimum Deposit of Plus500 be Used?

The minimum deposit on Plus500 is fully usable. Every penny you deposit on Plus500 is fully usable for your trading operations. So if you make the minimum deposit of 100€, you will have exactly 100€ in your available account.

The money you deposit is yours.

Why Can’t I Deposit 10€ to Plus500?

Trading is not a game and usually those who practice it don’t do it to earn a few cents or a few euros.

Low deposits, like 10€ at Plus500, are not possible for three main reasons:

  1. Would not allow you to open trading positions on any type of instrument.
  2. They wouldn’t leave you a margin to operate without a margin call.
  3. For practice there is still a demo account with virtual funds.

Can I use Plus500 Without a Minimum Deposit?

You can use Plus500 without minimum deposit using the free demo account. The demo account is identical to the real account, the only difference being that you are trading with fake money instead of real money.

Also, another difference is that with the demo account you do not influence the market, so your transactions will have no influence on supply and demand and therefore on price.

If you want to use the real account, you will necessarily have to do it with real money. If you do not have it, the minimum deposit you can make is 100 euros.

However, you can switch from the real account to the demo platform and vice versa at any time.

Remember that the demo account and the real account are 2 separate accounts, so the transactions made on both accounts are not linked in any way. A transaction made on the demo account will remain on the demo account, just as a transaction made on the real account will remain on the real account.

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