How to buy Litecoin Using Your Credit Card

To purchase a quantity of Litecoin using a credit or debit card, there are currently several online methods available to the investor. Some of them are intuitive and simple, for others a greater number of steps are foreseen: in this article we will illustrate in every detail the options available at the moment to operate online with one’s own card when purchasing Litecoin.

To get started, below you can see a list of the most popular trading platforms to open buy and sell positions on Litecoin.

Buy Litecoin by Credit Card on Plus500

The Plus500 online trading platform represents one of the best known, used and secure environments available on the net for those who intend to operate in the cryptocurrency market and trading; among the various functions enabled in the system, the user has a linear and easy path to use his credit card in order to buy a quantity of Litecoin to keep in his digital wallet.

Plus500 accepts, among the means of payment, every credit and debit card issued within the Visa and Mastercard circuits, as well as the cards of several other institutions. A fundamental prerequisite, of course, will be the possession of a regular card, which the user will be able to register, once they have entered their access credentials, among the preferred payment instruments.

As the following image clearly shows, the first step is to access the deposit section to validate the card that will be used later, by entering the 16-digit number that identifies it.

At this point you will type in the appropriate section the amount you intend to deposit: one of the advantages of the Plus500 platform consists in the minimum investment required, definitely not binding: starting from just 100 euro in fact the user will be able to make any real operation on the market, including the purchase of Litecoin. Once the card number has been validated, the reference circuit will be automatically recognized, summarized in the logo that will appear next to the series of digits.

A click on the “Make a deposit” command will finally be enough to have the willingness to operate on the platform, and therefore be able to request a Litecoin purchase transaction, or any other available cryptocurrency.

We would like to remind you that Plus500 has built its popularity and diffusion over time, both internationally, being present in about 100 different countries, and in Italy, where it has been operating for over 10 years with registration in the Consob register of companies. Plus500 offers users an all-day assistance service; to resolve doubts and questions, operators answer directly on the online chat or via e-mail. The platform has regulated protection throughout Europe CySEC, and guarantees performance and ease of use along with security, which is essential when trading online.

Here you can find additional information about the Plus500 trading platform and all the instructions to start trading right away.

Buy LTC by Credit Card on eToro

The eToro platform allows a different possibility to buy Litecoin using your credit card as a means of payment.

eToro owes much of its popularity among online traders to the useful social platform features it offers users: in addition to normal trading operations, on eToro you can exchange information, opinions and ideas with other traders, just like any other social media. Participating in your community, the user can compare himself with other investors and orient himself in his investment choices, intervene in open discussions around a particular topic or post a comment.

Another interesting function on eToro, called Copy Trading, helps the user by offering the possibility to replicate the operations already performed by another trader with more experience: you can follow a special ranking of returns, identify a trader with similar risk characteristics to your own and then ask the system to automatically reproduce the operations performed by the chosen trader.

In the screenshot below, you can see how to buy Litecoin with eToro using a credit or debit card.

Litecoin With CC On Iq Option, Exchange And Trading Platform

IQ Option is a platform that has developed and spread thanks to the binary options market, but now also allows you to trade in the Exchange industry. Again, you can buy Litecoin directly in the market from IQ Option, using a credit or debit card as a means of payment.

The IQ Option platform has several features that make it extremely functional and have decreed its success, but two in particular can be mentioned here.

  1. On IQ Option it is possible to follow in real time the dynamics of the Litecoin quotation with the support of graphs on which it is possible to superimpose also technical analysis tools
  2. Users operating on the platform can communicate with each other through a chat service, and thus exchange information or suggestions to operate with greater knowledge within the market.

Buy LTC On Coinbase By Credit Card

With Coinbase it is possible to buy a quantity of Litecoin with a maximum value of 150 euros, every week, through payment by credit or debit card. For each purchase transaction made, Coinbase, the best known and most important digital currency broker in business, requires a fixed commission of 3.99% to be applied to the value purchased.

The process of buying LTC with Coinbase and a credit card involves a series of steps, explained in detail below.

  1. The first step consists of opening a personal account on Coinbase
  2. Subsequently, the credit or debit card with which you intend to operate between the means of payment must be added in the specific section of the profile settings.
  3. The system will then proceed to verify the identity of the cardholder.
  4. Once these steps have been completed, you can finally buy Litecoin using the card connected and registered on Coinbase.

Many people have chosen Coinbase as a service to purchase cryptocurrency, thanks to its simple interface and the purchase limits imposed; at the same time, however, there is a risk that the operations carried out on Coinbase starting from digital currency purchased thanks to the service offered can potentially be traced by the system.

On Which Exchanges Can Litecoin Be Purchased With Credit Cards?

After presenting the service offered by Coinbase as an exchange broker, to buy Litecoin with your credit or debit card, we can now list other options available on the market on the network to obtain digital currency. Among the services available, a list includes Kraken, Bitpanda and CoinMama; LocalBitcoins also offers a similar service, although you should exercise caution when protecting your sensitive data.

In general, however, you should always exercise the utmost care when operating online with your credit or debit card: the services and platforms to which you rely on your data must always be carefully checked and verified, as you make your savings available by exposing them to potential risks.

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