Best Trading Platform for Ripple

To make an informed choice between the best Ripple trading platforms it is important to consider a set of conditions, and find the best solution to your needs. Not all investors and traders are identical, and not always the same criterion orients preferences: the same degree of preparation for the subject can influence the choice of a platform, and so beginners will opt for the service that allows a minimum initial deposit to begin with, while a more experienced trader will rely on a platform that offers the possibility to apply technical analysis indicators and complex data processing charts.

Today we will present the different trading platforms on Ripple that operate in Italy, listing the specific features that distinguish them: below we propose a list of the most popular and popular ones, which share the registration to the official Consob register of companies.

Ripple Plus500 platform

Plus500 is a preferred choice for both those who have just started trading online and those who have accumulated experience in the field. The platform features an extremely intuitive interface with a high level of ease of use, while at the same time offering a wide variety of financial instruments on which you can trade. Among these, of course, there are the largest and most popular cryptocurrency in circulation, as well as Ripple, on which the trader can open upward and downward positions, i.e. make profits by guessing the direction of fluctuations in the market price of the quote.

To facilitate traders’ investment choices, Plus500 provides various tools for technical analysis of the market, with more or less complex indicators applicable to the trend charts of Ripple and other tradable assets.

There are two ways to use them: you can trade in full operation with a free demo account without deposit or use a real account with a minimum initial deposit of 100€.

To get to know the platform up close, read the full trading guide with Plus500.

XRP trading with eToro

Another Ripple trading platform that meets with the public’s favor is eToro, mainly due to its social dimension. In fact, eToro allows its users to communicate with each other, providing tools very similar to a social network platform and thus allowing traders to share impressions, news and comments to guide investment choices with full awareness.

This is a very useful feature for those who have just started trading online, allowing you to learn from the experience and advice of those who have been in the industry for the longest time. In addition, eToro is enabled with a function that works with the same purpose: with the command “Copy Trade” a trader you want to follow can be selected from a special ranking of returns, and the system will duplicate the operations on the account.

eToro also provides two options to join the platform: a free demo mode and a real account with a minimum first deposit of 250€.

Trading Ripple on the MetaTrader platform

Internationally, we can say that MetaTrader is the best known trading platform: this is especially due to its strictly technical functions that allow the most experienced traders to apply elaborate analysis tools or to design, according to their needs, automatic signals.

To work in Italy for free with MetaTrader, it is necessary to pass through the service of a broker, such as 24option; the members of 24 options have the possibility to download the advanced MetaTrader platform at no extra cost and use it for Ripple trading.

To start trading with 24option, a minimum deposit of 100€ is required.

24option Ripple and IQ Option Trading Platforms

In our list of tools available to those who want to trade with Ripple, we now introduce two particular platforms, since they were previously exclusively dedicated to binary options, but have recently expanded their boundaries to other assets such as CFDs.

Let’s talk, for starters, about 24option, which has long been active in online trading and is easily recognizable by its black background. In this platform it is now possible to trade Ripple as well as the other most important cryptocurrency in circulation, using for investment analysis valid technical tools and a simple and intuitive system.

With IQ Option the user can trade on Ripple thanks to the CryptoTrade function, to which the platform will soon be able to replace the exchange tool. This means that thanks to the services offered, IQ Option will soon be one of the ways to buy Ripple directly on the market and negotiate its sale at a later date.

With IQ Option you need a minimum initial deposit of 10€ to start trading in real mode.

Ripple Trading Platform, Which One Is The Best?

At the time of a balance sheet, we return to our starting point. Each Ripple trading platform has different features and functionalities that adapt to the character and type of investor who wants to use it: only by understanding what type of trader we are, we will have the opportunity to understand which is the right platform for our needs.

If we are looking for an intuitive environment, we can say that eToro and Plus500 are among the simplest platforms.

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